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Our Story

The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company, like many strokes of genius, was born out of a problem. How many times have you witnessed a parent trying to soothe a young child in a public bathroom? How often have you had to calm down your own son or daughter after they’ve accidentally set off a dryer designed for adults? This was our story, and, when we realised we shared it with so many other families, it was our lightbulb moment.


Very few public washrooms are designed with children in mind. When everything is big, loud, and unpredictable, using an adult washroom can be a scary experience for young children. So many children fear these noisy hand dryers, and the problem is only compounded for children with additional complications such as autism or hyperaucasia. So we set out to create our own child-friendly hand drying experience. And the more we explored what ‘child-friendly’ means, the more we realised that hand-drying was just one part of the whole hand-washing process and our mission became clear: getting children excited about proper hand hygiene and making hand-washing fun!


Puff the Magic Dryer was born, and, along with his friends, makes hand washing fun, thorough, and effective for even the most sensitive children. And because hand hygiene saves lives, we built a pack of innovative educational resources to help teachers and carers establish this key life skill at the earliest stages, supporting proper hand washing practice without allowing the process to become obsessive or dominant.


The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company are children’s hygiene experts. We help designers, architects and schools to create environments and practices that get young children washing and drying their hands properly. We’re committed to creating a positive hand washing experience for children around the world today, and to establishing sustainable hygiene solutions for the future. Our products are sustainably sourced and designed to be refurbished or easily recycled at the end of their useable life. And our commitment to building a better future doesn’t end there: read our Charitable Commitment page to find out more about how we’re supporting hand hygiene around the world.


We love hearing from you as parents, educators, architects or suppliers on any hand hygiene questions or suggestions and we’re sure that we can help. Drop us an email and say hello today.