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How can The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company help you to create child-friendly washrooms everywhere?

How can incorporating child-friendly washrooms improve your designs for a family market?

Improving the family washroom experience raises satisfaction levels for your client’s final users, and incorporating child-friendly facilities at the design stage means these can be deliberately placed rather than installed as an afterthought. Creating a family-friendly design demonstrates your commitment to understanding not only the needs of your client, but those of his or her customers, too.

How can working with the Children’s Hand Hygiene Company help you exceed client expectations?

The Children’s Hand Hygiene products are designed exclusively with children in mind. Puff the Magic Dryer is the first-hand dryer designed just for children to reduce noise levels and dry time so that even children with heightened sensitivity are encouraged to wash and dry their hands properly, promoting good hand hygiene practice that minimizes the spread of germs. Our high-quality, hygienic, eco-friendly range appeal to children and adults alike, and the simple act of including these products shows your thoughtfulness, innovation, and responsibility beyond the original brief.

How can including Children’s Hand Hygiene Company products improve the eco-credentials of your designs?

Good hygiene practices can often come at a cost to the environment, but the Children’s Hand Hygiene Company hopes to change that. Our products are sustainably-sourced, energy efficient, and help to reduce the use of electricity and reduce or eliminate the need for disposable hand towels. Puff’s low-speed, high volume vortex circulates twice as much air as standard dryers, drying hands quietly in under 17 seconds. Even the built-in infrared sensor is designed with energy efficiency in mind – only activated when hands pass within 100mm, reducing ‘phantom’ starts to ensure the dryer is only on when actually being used. This not only reduces energy consumption, but actually extends the lifespan of the dryer, which can be easily refurbished or recycled at the end of its use to further minimise environmental impact.

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