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How can The Children's Hand Hygiene Company help your teachers to support proper hand-washing
and care in your classrooms and beyond?

How can Puff improve hygiene in my classroom?


For many children, visiting the washroom is a stressful experience as fear of the noise and power of high-speed hand dryers leaves many children unable or unwilling to wash and dry their hands properly. Puff the Magic Dryer and his friends give your pupils a washroom experience that isn’t intimidating or scary. Teachers in schools and nurseries with a Puff dryer actually report their pupils to look forward to the going to the washroom for their own handwashing ‘adventure’!

Cross-contamination and infection control is a concern for educators everywhere, as illness can quickly spread through your class or school when not properly controlled. By improving the school handwashing experience for your pupils, you promote a hygienic classroom environment, reduce infection, and educate pupils on good hand hygiene to instil proper processes they’ll practice for life. As teachers, carers and educators, your responsible and informed choices to create a positive handwashing process show your consideration and investment in the welfare of the children in your care whilst promoting a hygienic environment that benefits all visitors to your classroom. 

Why do children respond to Puff and his friends?

Puff the Magic Dryer in the world’s quietest fast-dry hand dryer designed specifically with children in mind. Created to reduce both noise levels and dry time, Puff provides a soft introduction to hand dryers that is the very opposite of the noisy and unpredictable dryers children find in most public washrooms.

Even children with heightened sensitivity, sensory processing disorder, autism, and other additional support needs find Puff and Friends© friendly, accessible and easy to use (read more about this), reducing the need for washroom supervision and fostering independence in every child. 

Puff, his friends, and their stories have been created to appeal to children as a reward for washing their hands properly. When you make proper hand hygiene friendly and appealing, children quickly forget their fears and look forward to having their wet hands dried by their favourite dragon! Our educational resources help you tell these stories in a way that engages children, fosters independence in handwashing, and establishes proper hand hygiene practices for life.

How can I get Puff into my school/nursery?

Our online store is your one-stop-shop for all Puff and Friends© products and resources. If you’re looking for some support to propose Puff and Friends© to your Senior Leadership Team, you can download our brochure or visit our cost calculator for more information on the costs and benefits of the Puff and Friends© system.