Good for the environment

Good for the environment

Puff the Magic Dryer uses innovative technology that circulates twice as much air around the hands as standard dryers, and dries hands in under 17 seconds – meaning less electricity is used, less impact on the environment, and electricity bills are kept down.

In addition to reducing electricity bills, installation of a Puff the Magic Dryer hand-dryer means you can stop spending on paper towels and their waste disposal, or the regular payments made to washroom service companies who supply and maintain cloth towel dispensers. And staff won’t have to spend their valuable time checking towel levels for re-ordering, or emptying towel bins.

Use our cost-saving calculator to discover what money savings the Magic Dryer Company can bring your premises.

The technical bit

Unlike modern high-speed hand-dryers (such as the Dyson Airblade) or conventional dryers, which rely an a single motor, Puff has two ‘mini’ motors which blow 230m3 of warm air per second across your hands. This means the air speed – at 22m per second – is slower than similar dryers which helps keep the noise levels low.

Unlike other dryers the warm air is not forced out in a straight line, but is cleverly sculpted to create a swirling vortex which surrounds the hands with quick-drying mini whirlwinds of warm air.

The infra-red sensor built into the dryer is only activated when hands pass within 100mm below the sensor reducing ‘phantom’ starts, as well as ensuring the dryer is only on when being used – this drastically reduces the usage time and extends the lifespan of the dryer.

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