Hand Dryers – our thoughts

We have created a hand dryer for children because there is a need for it but we totally understand it may not be the right solution for your school, nursery or child friendly business, so here are the arguments for both sides.

“Towels are more hygienic” – Hmmm there are lots of studies which claim that towels are more hygienic however we have yet to see a study carried out with children where the hand washing is not consistent or correct in all cases.  It is our opinion that if children are not washing their hands properly neither option is hygienic (towels or dryers) – so stop arguing over the drying (the last part of the process) and lets start talking about the hand washing!

“Dryers are more environmentally friendly” – This is true, our dryer will save the equivalent of 10 trees worth of paper towels in its lifetime as well as the numerous bins of landfill waste that are created.  The average hand dryer costs less than £12/year to run.  So the argument stacks up from a green perspective

“Hand dryers are noisy” – that is true many of them are.  Paper towels are quieter, of that we agree.  However Puff the magic dryer is many times quieter than other high speed dryers 72db v’s 90-95db (+3db is double the noise impact so work out the difference).

“Hand Dryers are expensive” – well all things being relative….  You can use our cost calculator to see if you would be better off with a dryer or hand towels.

“Hand Towels never break down” – another true fact.  However Puff comes with a 5 years parts and labour guarantee so if it does breakdown we will repair or replace it.

“Hand Towels make a mess” – again a ‘hidden cost’ if your staff have to spend 10 minutes picking up paper towels and emptying bins twice a day every day that is 80 hours labour costs a year you could be saving.

“Hand Towels block my drains” – not everywhere, but you may be surprised how often we hear this.  Little folk enjoy putting things in the toilet and that includes hand towels.  If you have never had a blocked drain due to hand towels – I salute you!  If you have you will know the pain and the cost of getting drains unblocked.