Have fun, stay safe

Have fun, stay safe

Hygiene tips for the great outdoors

With spring holidays upon us already, and now that all of the main UK attractions have opened their doors for the season, there is no shortage of activities to be had in the great outdoors. If you are out and about this spring there are a few simple steps to ensure that you and your little ones minimise the risk of nasty infections – especially active in the spring.

Animals may carry infections which can be contracted by humans so always wash your hands after touching or handling animals. Animal farms and petting areas should have adequate hand washing and sanitation facilities on site. If you are in the wilds of Scotland and miles from the nearest facilities then take a pocket sanitiser with you – preferably non-alcohol and with some residual efficacy. Same rules apply when out, as at home, when it comes to toilets and eating – always wash your hands after visiting the toilet and before eating. If you are visiting an attraction with animals, only eat in designated eating areas.

Always carry a small first aid kit so if there are any cuts or abrasions they can be covered with a waterproof plaster to prevent infection, seek medical advice should the skin be broken especially from a bite or a sharps object (syringe, glass, etc).

When you get home check shoes and clothes and clean off any obvious mud (or other) contaminant – better to be safe than sorry. If you or your child does become ill after visiting an attraction then seek medical advice and make the doctor aware of where you have been.

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