Hints and Tips for Hand Hygiene in Schools post Lockdown

School Hand Hygiene post lockdown

Hints and Tips for Hand Hygiene in Schools post Lockdown

Some hints and tips for hand hygiene in schools after the lockdown built from our years of experience with washrooms and supplying schools and nurseries

Hand Sanitiser

When handwashing isn’t convenient hand sanitising will have to be available.  However, adult size mobile stands for dispensing sanitiser just aren’t suitable for children.  We suggest that schools look to have children friendly stands suitable for small arms to reach easily.


Child stand only

An alternative might be to fix sanitiser dispensers to a wall close to entrances and high traffic points such as gyms and canteens, assembly rooms and communal spaces.

Make the message about using these stations fun for children.  We find that using words and images that suggest games such as Squirt, Squeeze, Spray, Dollop, Blob, Splotch, Splash…. all create a sense of fun.  A colourful and playful backboard either on the wall or the stand makes it all the more attractive to children.

We do recommend choosing the stand option because:

  • Cost – After the initial outlay, the stand wins hands down against several dispensing units fixed permanently to walls.  A stand can be moved as many times a day as needed to where it is needed.  Do check the weight of any stand you plan to use.  Right now there are a lot of imports coming to the market which are not stable and could easily be knocked over by children.  Our recommended UK manufactured stand is 13kg in weight and can cope with being knocked up to 45 deg safely.  13kg is easily within legal limits for manual handling.
  • Always Visible – A stand ‘stands’ out. It can be positioned to catch the eye and encourage use.  In a busy entrance or doorway, it can be easy to rush by the wall fixed dispenser.   Children’s Stands can be colourful.
  • Versatile – Adults can use them easily too but a child can’t easily use an adult size version They can be deployed  quickly to areas of high contact.


Sanitiser and Soap Dispensers

It’s worth taking a moment to think about which type of dispenser is best for the school.  There are 2 types on the marketplace: manual and automatic.  A word here, no matter which type you decide upon – worldwide demand is unprecedented and the electronics required to make the automatic versions in short supply.  We’ve heard of wait time being in excess of 20 weeks.  For more sanitiser explanations check here

Automatic – these units are more expensive of course.  Dosing is consistent and accurate and children love the playful aspect of popping hands under a machine and getting a ‘blob’ of something onto their hands.

Manual – as used in hospitals because they are cheaper but just as effective.  There is no concern about ‘touching’ the lever because hands are sanitised as soon as they have ‘touched’ the dispenser.  Dosing is also accurate and consistent.  With an appealing graphic these can be just as much fun for children.  Right now, manual versions are easier to obtain.

There you have it, our top hints and tips for hand hygiene in schools post lockdown.  We hope this information has been useful.  If you have specific queries or just need some advice please contact one of our Toilet Experts today.  We’ve been advising and supplying since 2008.