Keeping the School Toilets Safe and Socially Distanced

Keeping the School Toilets Safe and Socially Distanced

Today we’d like to offer some really practical help keeping the school toilets safe and socially distanced

Social Distancing will most likely have to be introduced into the toilet areas.  With that comes the challenge of ‘blocking off’ sinks, WCs and Urinals.  We found this truly simple solution of rolls of pre-printed polyethylene which by the very nature of its design adheres itself to the equipment needing ‘blocked off’  Quick, effective and just as quick to remove if plans change.  We love it!


urinal social film

The sinks – you may well have a soap dispenser already fitted in the sinks area.  A small point but do be careful not to block off sinks which are nearest the dispenser.  We’d actually suggest going back to the old fashioned way and have soap at every sink in use.  To keep reinforcing the need for proper hand wash techniques, why not download our FREE Hand Wash High Five poster and put above each sink.

Drying little hands – Dryers vs Paper Towels. 

Dryers, if you have one installed, will always be more efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly than paper towels.  If you haven’t got dryers installed, our Puff Dryer has already been a massive hit with schools and nurseries where they are in use when encouraging good hand hygiene.  They are fun and another boon; quiet which children who are sensitive to noise really react positively to.

But if you are still using paper towels the decisions are manual or automatic.  Initial cost is, of course, an issue but here is a little publicised fact.  Automatic will dispense 1 sheet at a time.  Manual will normally release 4 or 5 sheets at a time.  It does add up over a year.  If you already have a manual paper towel dispenser, make sure your supplier is offering paper towel packs that are ‘Z’ fold.  This does reduce the amount pulled out.  Ask – it could reduce your janitorial budget.

Sanitise the Toilet

Children (and Staff) may want additional reassurance that they have minimal exposure to Covid-19 and other nasty viruses in the Washroom.  They may well appreciate the opportunity to sanitise the toilet seat itself.   Here’s a cost-effective way to offer that safety.

Install a wall-mounted sanitiser dispenser.  Fit a toilet roll dispenser beside it.  Encourage users to tear off a small piece of toilet roll and apply the sanitiser to it.  This can then be flushed down the loo after use.  Don’t use blue roll or paper towels – they will bock the toilet and drains.

Some handy tips for keeping the School Toilets Safe and Socially Distanced which we hope you find useful.  We are always available to advise and assist.  We’ve been keeping toilets clean since 2008.