Hand Dryer

Hand Dryers

We only sell one.  Puff the Magic Dryer.  Puff is designed with children in mind -it is quick, quiet*, fun and different. Puff comes with an integral backboard (cloud) which is mounted on the wall behind the dryer. It helps break up the shape of the unit and explains how to use it and what is going to happen. The installation instructions are very cleverly printed on the backboard and are hidden by the dryer.  These instruction indicate what height you should fit the dryer dependent on the age group of the children using it.  It is surprising how many hand dryers are fitted at adult height even for the smallest of customers.  Why not work out how quickly a Puff will pay for itself against your paper towel costs (link here).  To get a full technical specification (click here).  To buy one (click here).  If you currently supply our target markets and are interested in joining The Children’s Hand Hygiene family as a distributor please contact us (here).