The Handwash High Five


The Handwash High Five

Puff’s mission: to promote good hand hygiene practice for children

Anyone with kids, or who works with kids, knows it can be difficult to get children to wash their hands at the best of times. Puff’s mission is to encourage children to wash their hands properly. The fun of using a dragon to dry their hands is a reward for remembering the good hand hygiene routine. Drying is critical to reducing infection, but it’s important to show children how to wash their hands in the first place!

The Magic Dryer Company worked closely with ToyGuard – the UK’s foremost children’s hygiene specialists – to develop Puff’s Handwash High Five as an accurate and focused hygiene message for children.

The Handwash High Five

Puff’s Handwash High Five is five easy steps to make sure your hand hygiene is top of the class:

1 – wet your hands

2 – use soap

3 – wash your hands

4 – rinse your hands

5 – dry your hands

Puff’s Handwash High Five reminds children of the correct hygienic handwashing procedure so important to help stop the transmission of germs in schools, nurseries, kindergartens and many other child-orientated places.

Puff the Magic Dryer hand-dryers are shipped with attractive, adhesive Handwash High Five signs that excite children about handwashing (and the promise of a dragon to dry them!) while reminding them of the five steps to good hand hygiene, as advocated by the World Health Organisation and children’s hygiene specialists, ToyGuard.

The dryer is also shipped with a set of ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ door signs that promise an exciting dragon hand-drying experience before children enter the washroom. These graphics are currently available in English and German, with more language versions on the way.

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