Our Eco Promise


Our Eco Promise

An Eco-friendly Hand Dryer for the Future

The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company has a vision for a world where simple, sustainable hand hygiene is accessible to children everywhere. Proper handwashing benefits not only the individual health of children and adults alike, but helps to lower contagion levels in almost every contact-borne disease. But good hygiene practices can often mean bad news for the environment. Increased handwashing can mean more use of fossil-powered electricity and non-recyclable materials. Could an eco-friendly hand dryer really achieve both better hygiene and a more sustainable future?


More than an eco-friendly hand dryer

Puff and his friends are here to do just that. Our range of products are sustainably-sourced, energy efficient, and help to reduce the use of electricity and reduce (or eliminate) the need for disposable hand towels. Puff is the first eco-friendly hand dryer designed specifically with children in mind. Puff’s low-speed, high volume vortex circulates twice as much air as standard dryers, drying hands quietly in under 17 seconds. We even designed the built-in infrared sensor to improve energy efficiency. Because it is only activated when hands pass within 100mm, we’ve reduced ‘phantom’ starts to ensure the dryer is only on when it is actually being used. This not only reduces energy consumption and ensures a less stressful experience for children using the dryer, but actually extends its lifespan by preventing overuse. And when it does finally reach the end of its use, the Puff dryer can be easily refurbished or recycled to minimise environmental impact.


When you care about children, you care about the future. By protecting our planet and promoting good, stress-free hygiene practices, we’re creating a healthy, sustainable future for our children. Our mission is a simple one: to create an eco-friendly hand dryer and make it available to children everywhere. Want to help us achieve it? Get in touch or order online today. Read our story here.