Our Charitable Commitment

Our Charitable Commitment

Hand Hygiene for Every Child

The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company has a vision for the world: one where simple, sustainable hand hygiene is accessible to children everywhere. 


Proper hand washing could protect one out of every three young children who get sick with diarrhea and almost one out of five young children with respiratory infections like pneumonia.* Education and resources for proper hand washing practices can help to lower contagion levels in contact-borne diseases all over the world. Reducing fear and stigma for children who find it difficult to access public washrooms ensures all children can practice good hand hygiene every time they visit a washroom away from home. 


Getting children with autism or hyperacusis to use washrooms that are away from home can be a challenge.  By creating something that is friendly and recognisable we hope that we can help reduce the stress that can be caused by something as simple and necessary as visiting a public toilet. Our vision is for child-friendly public washrooms around the country, and for a Puff dryer to be installed in every specialist centre equipped for children with additional sensitivities.


Getting to hygienic facilities in remote areas and third-world countries can be even more of a challenge. By partnering with charities that build toilets in remote areas of Africa, our first goal is to build 100 toilets in Malawi through the sale of Puff dryers in the UK and around the world.

*source: CDC