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How can The Children's Hand Hygiene Company help your venue with child-friendly washrooms?

How can The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company help make your venue more child-friendly?

Child-friendly washrooms can really make your venue stand out, but for many families, visiting a public washroom is a stressful experience. Noisy, powerful high-speed hand dryers can scare small children. Family battles to encourage children who are too scared to wash and dry their hands properly leave parents frazzled and children potentially at risk of spreading illness and infection. Puff the Magic Dryer (and his friends) help you to create a child-friendly washroom experience for every family that uses your venue.

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How can I make my facility more child-friendly, eco-friendly and cost efficient?

Puff the Magic Dryer and his friends make your washrooms stand out and your venue the easy choice for families with small children because:

  • Puff the Magic Dryer is the world’s quietest fast-dry hand dryer designed with children in mind
  • reduced noise levels and dry time and a friendly, colourful character experience mean Puff is accessible even for children with heightened sensitivity, phonophobia and autism
  • The Puff and Friends range of products and resources firmly position your venue in the family market, improve the washroom experience for parents and children, and promote good hygiene for all your guests

How does installing child-friendly facilities improve customer satisfaction?

In a 2014 Mumsnet survey, availability of family-friendly washroom facilities was listed as the top priority for 77% of respondents (Source: Marketing Week). Creating child-friendly washrooms immediately positions your venue as a go-to destination for families with small children.

Installing Puff products improves the family washroom experience and raises satisfaction levels for families by:

  • demonstrating your venue’s commitment to service through investment in high-quality, ecoconscious, family-friendly products
  • improving overall hygiene levels and reducing potential health issues associated with contamination and infection benefitting all who use your venue
  • raising the overall impression for first-time or returning customers

How can the Children’s Hand Hygiene Company help leisure venues save energy and money?

Good hygiene practices can sometimes mean bad news for the environment, especially in a service environment with high usage numbers and the requirement for disposable elements. The Children’s Hand Hygiene Company is here to help you change that. Our vision is for a world where simple, sustainable hand hygiene is accessible to children everywhere.

The Puff and Friends products can help save you energy and money because:

  • every item is responsibly sourced and energy efficient to help reduce the consumption of electricity and reduce (or eliminate) the need for disposable hand towels
  • Puff’s low-speed, high volume vortex circulates twice as much air as standard dryers, drying hands quietly in under 17 seconds, thus reducing energy consumption
  • this energy-efficiency actually extends the lifespan of the dryer
  • at the end of its use, the Puff dryer can be easily refurbished or recycled to minimise environmental impact

All of this helps reduce energy consumption costs, as well as those associated with replacing disposable elements such as hand towels. For a closer look at how installing Puff the Magic Dryer could save you money, take a look at our cost calculator.

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