Gel Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is no substitute for proper handwashing; however, it’s always a good idea to have an alternative where sinks aren’t always accessible. Our hand sanitiser stations have been installed in outdoor play areas, petting zoos, food handling stations and to control contagion in schools and institutions during an outbreak of an infectious virus.



This Hand Sanitiser Gel is a 70% alcohol based instant antibacterial hand sanitiser gel.  Highly effective against harmful microbes on contact. Effective against a wide range of viral and bacterial infections.

Fast drying, long lasting protection. Skin remains safe and cross-contamination is eliminated.

Soap and Water are always best but in the absence of these facilities, this gel is the next best thing for adult use.

Delivery is next day and stocks are plentiful

Price is £27 + VAT for 5 litres

To order call 0844 249 9244 today.  For large quantities and to discuss contracts contact us today

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