Hand Sanitiser


Some facts about Sanitiser

It’s Not The Alcohol Count That Counts

Do remember sanitisers are there to boost hand hygiene by using after hand washing or if touching high-risk areas after washing hands – toilet doors for example.

With regard to Covid-19 it is an enveloped virus.  It is very easily killed by various substances, including chlorine (bleach), alcohol and Quats (quaternary ammonium compounds)  Pretty much any certified hand cleanser, sanitiser or disinfectant will reduce risk of infection.  However, no matter how much is used that risk will never be zero.

Foam, Gel or Liquid?

Sanitiser generally comes as liquid, gel or foaming.  Not all are alcohol-based.  For example, we can recommend a Non-Alcohol Foaming Hand Sanitiser which is a rich foaming, waterless hand Sanitiser  This one eliminates 99.9% of common disease-causing organisms.

Liquids and Gels are generally alcohol-based and in coronavirus times, people have a perception that this is the preferred option.  That’s why we can supply all types.

For efficient and clean delivery dispensers are the answer.  These are available in a range of solutions – both manual and automatic.  Manual versions are what is used in hospitals and are reliable and have a consistent dosing delivery.

The auto-delivery systems again have a consistent delivery method.   However, they are battery operated so require a little more maintenance.

Different colours and finishes are also available.  It doesn’t have to be plain white!

All types can be filled from bulk 5 litre product.

Stands or wall mounted?

Wall-mounted are permanent so ideal for washrooms, kitchens etc where traffic is consistent and the need continual.  For children, remember to situate those at a convenient height.  We also recommend using attractive graphics to reinforce the hand hygiene message

Free Standing portable stands are the solution for use at traffic pinch points which may vary from day to day or indeed hour to hour.  The free-standing unit should be sturdy enough not to be knocked over but still light enough to be portable.  Remember too that little hands might not reach up to the adult heights.  And what could be more child friendly than their very own specially sized colourful stand.  Kids love to use them.


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