Hand Drying


Hand Drying is just as important as proper hand washing for children (and adults)  In the event that hands aren’t washed properly – remember the WHO 20 seconds  and then NOT dried fully, a perfect breeding ground for germs and viruses is left.  That’s why hand drying is so important for children.

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When it comes to hand drying away from home there are three options: linen towels, paper towels and hand dryers.  There are upsides and downsides to all methods.

Hand Dryers

Very few companies differentiate between children and adults when it comes to washroom products. One area that does need this differentiation we believe is Hand Dryers and children’s hand dryer market is now starting to blossom in the UK.

Noisy white boxes scare younger children, which can put them off washing their hands. The other extreme is the slow ‘neverdry’ hand dryers which nearly every school in the UK has. These models may be cheap to buy (we have seen models as cheap as £45) but they use up to 10 times more electricity than a modern fast dry unit.

It should also be pointed out that children also have a low boredom threshold so if a dryer is too slow, they either don’t bother or use the ‘uniform or clothing as a towel’ method.  Not ideal.

This is why Puff was developed to be quiet enough to encourage good hand hygiene, fun enough to keep them interested and quiet enough to make sure it does the job. Read more about Puff 

Paper Towels

A good choice for many locations, quick and simple but they do create waste.  Paper towels can also become a costly solution.  Make sure you are using Z-Fold towels which are dispensed one at a time.  Infra-red dispensers are great for a hands-free option but the gimmick of waving hands around under a dispenser for children might prove a distraction too tempting.

If you choose paper – make sure it is Z-Fold refills and remember to have them installed at a child-friendly height.  We also recommend using attractive graphics to reinforce the hygiene guidelines to the little users.

Linen Towel Rolls

Let’s finish with the least popular, and for good reason – the humble linen towel roller system.  High maintenance, not the most eco friendly with laundering required,  most likely quite unhygienic after a couple of dries if not ‘wound on’ and not ideal in these coronavirus days.

Still not sure?  Why not contact us and we will advise with a cost / benefit analysis of your premises and needs to help you choose the right option

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