Puff the Magic Dryer

The world’s quietest fast-dry hand dryer designed with children in mind.

Puff the Magic Dryer is the first hand dryer designed just for children. Specially created to reduce noise levels and dry time, Puff is the fast, friendly hand dryer children love to use. Designed to be accessible and easy to use, even children with heightened sensitivity are encouraged to wash and dry their hands properly, promoting good hand hygiene practice that minimizes the spread of germs.



Comfortably low noise calms even the most sensitive children
Puff is the quietest hand dryer in the world with a fast dry time. Many children are scared of using standard hand dryers because the noise they make is frightening to them. Hyperacusis, Misophonia, Sensory Defensiveness, Hypersensitivity, Sensory Processing Disorder, Phonophobia, and Autism can all cause children to be overly sensitive of unusual, sudden or loud noices. We believe all children should have the chance to develop good hand hygiene procedures from the very start, and that something as simple as a noisy hand dryer shouldn’t be a barrier to that development. That’s why Puff is quiet.


Fact: The human ear perceives an increase in volume of 20dB as sounding more than four times louder: As a comparison, modern high-speed hand dryers are measured at 85–90dB – approximately the same volume as a lorry driving past or a lawnmower. Puff the Magic Dryer measures at just 70 dB(A), in the same range ambient street noise and a hair-dryer.


Cute, brightly coloured and appealing
Puff and his friends have been created to appeal to children as a reward for washing their hands properly. When you make proper hand hygiene friendly and appealing, children quickly forget their fears and look forward to having their wet hands dried by their favourite dragon!


Good, clean fun
By making handwashing fun for under-12s, Puff the Magic Dryer promotes good hand-hygiene practice, which is essential to minimising the spread of germs in child-care environments.


Easy and accessible
To make the dryer accessible to ‘little people’ Puff the Magic Dryer is shipped with advice on how high to mount the dryer for different age ranges. It’s surprising how many hand dryers are fitted at an adult height even for the smallest of customers! The dryer’s touch-free operation is really simple for all children to use. Puff comes with an integral backboard (cloud), which is mounted on the wall behind the dryer and helps break up the shape of the unit, explains how to use it and prepares children for what is going to happen.


Product specification

  • Robust steel construction baseplate with plastic internals;
  • Mild steel external cover with a plastic frame;
  • Life cycle extended by easily replaceable motor brushes;
  • Approved by German VDE and American UL safety tests;
  • Manufactured to iso9001 accreditation;
  • No-quibble, three-year warranty (trials show Puff should last more than 10 years in an average-use washroom facility).

Delivery is usually in 48 hours

Price is £395 + VAT

To order call 0844 249 9244 today.  To discuss contracts contact us today or contact us if you’re a designer or wholesaler interested in a bulk purchase.


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