We have scoured the globe to source and develop a foaming hand soap that’s truly child-friendly. Our handwash foams easily spread effectively over the hands and rinse off quickly. Best of all, its gentle formula is kind to skin, reducing the risk of irritation, dry skin or eczema.


We recommend the Delphis Eco Hand Wash.

This Hand Soap produces a luxurious, creamy, lather to remove ingrained dirt and grease, and leaves skin feeling clean, soft and conditioned.  It’s gentle and children will want to use it again and again

✓ alcohol free
✓ kind to hands
✓ ph 5.7
✓ safe in septic tanks
✓ reduced use of hazardous substances
✓ readily biodegradable
✓ phosphate and phosphonate free
✓ not tested on animals

Delivery is next day and stocks are plentiful

Price is £27 + VAT for 5 litres

To order call 0844 249 9244 today.  For large quantities and to discuss contracts contact us today

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